So many people clamoring for war today, excited to exact revenge in blood and bone. Which is precisely what they wish of us. They want us angry, banging the drums of hate, and looking for a someone yank up by the neck and to pay for these crimes. It justifies their current cause, it strengthens the illusion that they’ve created that the world is at war with them, therefore their cause is holy, justified, and necessary. No matter how horrifying those actions might be. Be not confused, these aren’t people intending to install chaos, they want world domination.

They did what they did in Paris intentionally, knowing that it would spark fear, hatred, and anger. They knew it would hasten and strengthen the anti-islamic sentiment growing globally. They also knew that those same people will likely target the refugees who also were forced to flee in terror, or face death. I’m seeing evidence of this in some of your news feeds today, Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, ISIS/ISIL is literally holding daily mass executions in their captured territories. Hundreds of men, women, and children daily. The women and children not killed, are married off to the ISIS members. Often as young as 8 years old. The boys are taken as sex slaves, thanks to a generous interpretation of the Quran, which makes it not homosexual and not sex-out-of-marriage, This all happens. Daily.

But everybody involved is brown, so we should just have another red Venti cup of no f@#ks given?

Be angry, but be informed about what you are angry about. Blind hatred is stupidity. Rage towards a race will lead to genocide. Clamoring for blood amongst politicians only serves those politicians and will continue to give us perpetual and unending war.

Indeed all our thoughts are with France, let’s hope that this war on civilization will come to and end with intelligent, thoughtful and purposeful action, and be done so swiftly.

If not war then what?

Precise and exact takedowns and strikes to dismantle their power and organization. We begin with the leadership, monetary and arms sources, and branch out until they are all gone. Conventional war will not work. We know who these people are. We’ve known who these people are for four to five generations now.  Will we allow another ridiculous cat-and-mouse game play out for 12 years as with Bin Laden?  Pretending that we did not know where, or how to find him, while using his specter to instantiate a perpetual war machine? Sound familiar?

This is why the upcoming election is vital. Wall Street is making plans. The massive gears of finance are cranking up again.  Do any of us wish to see another Bush family get another chance in the middle east?

Or, Hillary for that matter?

Pay attention. Listen well…